War of the World’s Immersive Experience

Get Tickets For Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds Immersive Experience in London

Get Tickets for this incredible immersive experience of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds at Hallmark Building London.

Combining Jeff’s Musical Version, immersive theatre, virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms and other cutting-edge technology; the show gives audiences the chance to live through the Martian invasion of 1898.

Visitors will be thrust into the heart of the story from the moment they step inside the vast 22,000-square foot multi-level site in Central London, which is being transformed for this unique Martian adventure.

With the latest BBC adaptation of HG Wells‘ classic on our screens it’s never been a better time for this show to be running, proving his classic tale of the Martian invasion is as popular as ever.

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